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Arkhyz ATRC

Arkhyz ATRC located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic serves as a launch pad for the North Caucasus tourism cluster, run by Joint-Stock Company Northern Caucasus Resorts. After commissioning in December 2013, the resort became a popular holiday destination for tourists from the Southern Federal District, North Caucasus Federal District and other regions of Russia: it was visited by over 800 thousand accrued visitors.

The tourist flow at Arkhyz ATRC was 243 thousand people in 2017, there was a 20% growth in the number of guests compared to 2016. Sociological surveys register high level of return tourist flow to the resort — it is 59%; more than half of holidaymakers are planning to return to the resort in winter and a third of tourists – in summer. The bulk of the tourist flow to the resort is holiday makers from the Stavropol territory and Rostov region, Krasnodar territory, Volgograd region and Moscow. 

More than 36% of holidaymakers come to the resort with their friends, but most of the guests traditionally choose Arkhyz for family vacation, the percentage of such tourists is 46%. This is a consequence of the friendly and positive atmosphere established at the resort, its openness for children and beginners in skiing. ‘Arkhyz is the best choice for exploring the Alpine skiing: tourists will find here smooth mountains with a comfortable height difference, a variety of pistes with high-quality snow cover, an area for beginners with a separate chair ropeway, a children's village and 2.5 kilometers of pistes where evening skiing is operating. One of the best ski instructors school in Russia is operating there, whose staff is specially trained for teaching beginners. 

Totally, two tourist villages of the resort – Romantik and Lunnaya Polyana – currently have three operating ropeways (one gondola lift and two chairlifts) with 6600 people per hour throughput, over 14.8 km of ski runs of all difficulty categories are open. The slopes are equipped with snowmaking and lighting systems. Mountain ski equipment rentals for 2000 sets and a locker chamber are opened. An open-air ice rink is operating at the height of 1600 meters. A route for snow-tubing is equipped, a children’s playground is opened. A gift market with fairground rows where you can taste and buy food and handicrafts traditional for the region.

The accommodation infrastructure of the resort is represented by four hotels: Romantik-1, Romantik-2, Vertical and Allyur with the total of 510 beds. 

As of June 2018, 26 residents of the SEZ — small and medium-sized businesses — have already become investors in commercial, hotel and entertainment infrastructure of the resort. In 2010-2016, the investment made by investors, including residents of the SEZ, amounted to about RUB 1 million. The total capital investment in the resort planned by residents for 2017-2020 is about RUB 9.02 billion. 

Arkhyz resort works all year: in winter, the ski infrastructure facilities are available for tourists and in summer there is a variety of options for family vacations. So, in the summer season 2018, at Arkhyz ATRC, a tent city, children's and adult rope parks, swimming pool with sunbathing area, horse rental, sports and children's playgrounds, BBQ areas, and mini golf were opened. Group and individual excursions and tours to fascinating routes to natural historic sites of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic are arranged. For fans of extreme, mountain bike routes of three categories of difficulty suitable both for amateurs and professional athletes are operating. In the summer season, paragliding accompanied by experienced paragliders is also available for tourists. There are two lifts — Mlechny Put gondola lift and Sputnik chair lift - operating in tour mode.

In spring 2017, in Arkhyz, a great construction project was launched within development of the North-oriented slope in Romantik tourist village. An extensive system of ski lifts, pistes, artificial snow-making system, pistes and lifts maintenance facilities and other structures shall be built here. 

At the current stage of the project, which is scheduled to be completed by the ski season 2018/2019, three gondola sections of the ropeway with 2500 people per hour throughput, to the elevation of 2505 meters, are being built. The ropeway shall be equipped with comfortable 10-seater gondolas. The lift will deliver tourists to five pistes about 11 km long of black, red, blue and green categories of complexity. The longest piste will be about 4.5 km long. The green piste, in contrast to the common practice, will be located not in the lower part of the resort, but on the picturesque alpine plateau with 360 degree panoramic views. Now all future roads of the North-oriented slope can be seen from the existing pistes in Romantic and Lunnaya Polyana villages. 

At the final stage, we plan to build the chair section of the ropeway to the elevation of 2839 meters on Arkasara Ridge with a red piste about 2.1 km long beneath it. The elevation difference will be 440 meters.

There are also plans to construct a chair ropeway in the tourist village of Lunnaya Polyana and ski area for beginners.

In June 2016, Arkhyz ATRC was the winners of the Sport Industry Leaders prize in the category The Best Young Ski Resort in Russia that was awarded in Krasnoyarsk, within the 12th International Congress of Winter Sports, Tourism and Active Recreation.