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One of the key tasks of JSC NCR defined in the Company’s Development Strategy until 2025 is to promote the tourism cluster in the North Caucasus. Successful and efficient solution of this task is a necessary factor of investment attractiveness of the project which is largely dependent on the availability of sustainable year-round tourist flow to the resorts of the North Caucasus.

JSC NCR carries out the promotion and popularisation in the domestic and foreign tourist markets of the project and the recreational potential of the Northern Caucasus as a whole, its unique mountain climate environment, cultural, historical and religious sights.

Taking into account the increasing demand for domestic tourism in Russia and the growing interest of domestic tourists to ski and all-season resorts in the country, the Company has intensified the information activities aimed at popularisation of tourism and recreation and cultural potential of the NCFD and the all-season tourism and recreation complexes of the tourism cluster.

Great attention is paid to promotion of the region’s recreational opportunities in the media, social networks and the blogosphere in direct communication with potential tourists - guests of the resorts of the North Caucasus.

The Company implements cultural and artistic projects aimed at creating a visually appealing image of the North Caucasus Federal District as a single territory of hospitality.

Particular attention is paid to the work with the active groups of young people in the region interested in implementing their own business projects in the hospitality industry in the territory of the special economic zones, and with local craftsmen and artisans whose works - traditional unique products - will form the basis of the attractive brand of Caucasian souvenir.

The Company develops the event tourism, sport tourism, cultural and educational tourism as an additional factor in the attractiveness of the resorts.